We have been providing complaints reporting systems for over 19 years around the world.

We set the standard in the whistleblower hotline service, as well as the implementation of Integrity Programs for the development of a Corporate Government.

Our job is to make yours simple by creating a case management software that has the ability to plan, train, investigate, analyze and manage the reports that are received.

We create, develop and operate whistleblower hotlines that your organization needs. We are able to adapt to any need.

Our main objective is fighting against corruption


To offer and provide professional services specialized in Ethics Reporting Systems, meeting our clients' needs and requirements. To create a positive impact, preventing and solving ethical issues with the use of advanced technology, generating our own processes and methodologies without compromising our continued improvement.


To offer the most positive impact for ethics and compliance services to all individuals, companies and institutions. Staying at the forefront through constant innovation, having the best anti-corruption tools, the latest in technology and highly trained specialized staff.


Innovation, commitment, investigation, team work, professionalism, compliance, satisfaction, discipline, integrity, growth through the encouragement of ethics and values. Honest communication generating real value and providing excellent results that generate a real positive impact for our clients.

Our Team

Advisers and Officers

Advisers and Officers

Our advisers take whistleblowers through the reporting process step-by-step. Ethics Officers monitor the quality of information received according to each client's own protocol. Our team has training not only in lie detection and interrogation techniques but also in forensic investigations.

Software Factory

Software Factory

The area responsible for designing, developing, personalizing, monitoring as well as the constant evolution of technological products that make up the EthicsGlobal Platform.

Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and Compliance

The area responsible for training members on ethics and compliance of organizations at all levels. Specialized in improving Codes of Ethics and creating Ethics Committees.

Account Executives

Account Executives

Our account executives and technical support work under the slogan: “Our client's complete satisfaction”. Our main objective is taking care of your Ethics Reporting System, making sure that our high standards are maintained.

Communication & Awareness

Communication & Awareness

Our account executives and technical support work under the slogan: “Our client's complete satisfaction”. Our main objective is taking care of your Ethics Reporting System, making sure the service quality is met.

Legal and investigation

Legal and investigation

The area specialized in following up on investigations of received reports that need external legal attention. They have more than 15 years experience, technical and human resources and constant training.

Why choose


Tailor-made solutions.

We have developed tools and operational models that allow all our clients to work in a highly customizable environment, this includes report questionnaires, apps, protocols, reporting channels, user structures, institutional image, among others.

Unique Ecosystem of Services and Apps.

We have an in-house software factory, this has allowed us to continue to develop and improve continuously. We are the creators of these unique solutions that have been built on 15 years of “know-how” that allow our new customers to find the solutions to their current problems immediately. Public website, Report Manager, Investigation tools, API-Rest (to connect your existing governance software), PRIS (machine learning), E-learning, etc.

The most amount of reporting channels.

Organizations that have various reporting channels increase in 35% system use, a limited amount of reporting channels reflects a limited amount of received reports. EthicsGlobal offers 5 reporting channels and has the capacity to implement others according to an organizations needs. All are operated according to ISO 2700, NIST Cyber Security Framework and COBIT 5 practices.

Risk assessment included in all reports.

Each report we process includes a basic risk assessment which will help with assessing your organization's ethical status. We will provide a risk category and assets at risk, so that through our report manager you can determine any susceptibility.

Specialists operating Ethics Reporting Systems.

Since our entire operation is focused on Ethics Reporting Systems, we can offer highly effective solutions.

High level support and consulting.

Our customer service and consulting is specialized and personalized, you will always receive proposed solutions in-line with best practices.