We built trust among the members of the organization.

We raise awareness among your collaborators on work ethics topics and good use of the whistleblower hotline. Executing an efficient awareness campaign, we promote and highlight the importance of ethical culture within organizations searching for sustainable development.


Build trust and convey the benefits of an Ethics System:

  • Inform members to the negative impacts of unethical behavior on a personal level and as an organization.
  • Detect unethical behaviors within the organization.
  • Extend the campaign to clients, suppliers and key members who will have access
  • Explain what can and can't be reported through the Ethics Hotline.
  • Explain and show the most common types of offenses.
  • Explain the procedure to file a report through the different reporting channels.
  • Educate on how to follow-up on reports through the different reporting channels.
  • Informant protection: A prompt, effective and impartial investigation with no retaliations. It is independent, confidential and an anonymous anti-corruption system.

Materials and methods

Support creating audiovisual materials:

  • Ethics Website.
  • Posters, Brochures or other files.
  • E-mails.
  • Intranet.
  • Code of Ethics.
  • Audiovisual videos.
  • Leaflets or general notices.
  • Induction materials.
  • Noted ethical phrases.

Basic Campaign

Every client receives a template with suggested content for different types of internal media with the ability to modify:

  • General texts, logo, campaign name, colors and reporting channel information for all selected media.
  • Select subdomain name of public website for the campaign.
  • Public website with company and campaign logo.
  • An personalized analysis of media impact for the campaign.

Advanced Campaign

EthicsGlobal's creative team will work with your organization's internal communication team to develop a unique campaign aligned with client goals:

  • Analysis of all client media.
  • Selection of vanity phone number related to the campaign or organization's name.
  • Modification of IVR menu in-line with the awareness campaign.
  • Selection of domain for public website, related to the campaign or organization's name.
  • Creative concept and custom material for all media.
  • Public website completely customized with special content.
  • Campaign impact analytics of media used.