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The main benefit implementing an anonymous report line is generating an ethics and compliance culture based on a Corporate Government attached to best bractices, through the prevention of unethical behavior.  

Work Environment

  • Improve labor conditions for everyone.
  • Reinforce ethical controls and principals between organization members.
  • Promote workplace respect.
  • Encourage a sense of belonging in your organization.
  • Decrease staff rotation.

Corporate Image

  • With a proper ethical campaigns the message and tone of Corporate Social Responsibility is set.
  • The organization receives suggestions and information to continue to improve helping to enhance processes within the company.
  • Generates trust and appreciation in the brand.
  • Helps to establish and strengthen comprehensive social responsibility models.

Economic Benefits

  • Avoid losses stemming from non-ethical behaviors from members of the organization.
  • A preventive system saves on costs compared to systems that come into effect after the fraud or unethical behavior has happened, in most cases these losses are not recouped.
  • According to estimates by the World Bank, OEA and the CEESP, the cost of corruption fluctuates between 9-10% of the GDP.

Improvement of Processes

  • Reduce fraud and corruption considerably within the organization.
  • Reduce labor disputes.
  • Acts as a deterrent, reducing unethical behavior in general.
  • Standardizes ethical practices between different business units or geographical sites of your organization.
  • Automizes information intake for its analysis.

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