Capacitación online en ética y cumplimiento.

Through our platform, suitable courses are configured to the needs of organizations, topics, messages, records, as well as follow-up to the participants.

Easily train your collaborators on issues of ethics, compliance and the whistleblower hotline.

Course Characteristics

  • Through our online teaching system organizations can form their own custom modules directed at different audiences.
  • Each module includes a training video and extra consulting material.
  • Modules can be serialized in order to advance.
  • Each module has a short evaluation.
  • Each module is 15 to 20 minutes long.
  • At the end of the course there is a general evaluation that allows an organization to verify understanding at an individual and general level with reports and statistics.

Some of the courses available are:

  • Work Ethics.
  • Corporate Ethics.
  • Introduction to Ethics Reporting System.
  • Identifying unethical behavior that affects the organization.
  • Incident investigation techniques.

Corporate and Workplace Ethics

Identify the gray area, learn about the decision making tree and its importance in helping to solve ethical dilemmas that may present themselves within the organization.

Introduction to the Ethics Reporting Hotline

Discover what is an ethics hotline; how it works, how and why you should use it as well as the value that it brings to an organization.

Identifying unethical behavior

Learn about the most common unethical behaviors that put an organization at risk e.g. fraud, conflict of interest, harassment, discrimination, etc. Understand CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Investigation of filed reports.

With professional investigation methods and techniques you will be able to analyze reports with best practice to achieve results based on solid evidence.