How do we launch our Ethics Reporting System?

We guide our clients through a quick and easy process of implementing a personalized Ethics Reporting System. We provide guidance to build the whistleblower hotline that each client needs, through the following steps:

In this phase, all necessary documentation on ethics and compliance is gathered, along with any legal information that a client may require. Depending on the hired service plan, we create an information model for the Ethics Reporting System which consists of: the protocol and questionnaire to file a report, the organization's capacity and structure that will give a unique identity to your service. We also suggest the content of the awareness campaign, public website and mention any recommended special features.

We show you through documentation or samples of our previous work as suggestions implemented into your system; i.e. the questionnaire for requesting information and operational infrastructure; user structure: roles, permissions, case segmentation, research flows and privileges; adjustments and customization of suggested content: types of reports and sanctions catalogues, locations, limitations, data required, internal media; suggestions of creative concept: names and orientation of awareness campaign, handling protocols. Also, the Code of Ethics is revised and suggestions are given; we provide best practices to operate the Ethics Reporting System on issues such as: training and operation of the Ethics Committee or the ethics officer, corporate governance policies, incident investigation management, sanctions, administrative records and coaching.

Of setting up, customizing and developing the Ethics Reporting System, according to the initial requirements, also to perform all necessary tests with the help of our development and operations department. This phase will ensure the quality of service and customization we offer.

In this phase the awareness campaign and the custom Ethics Reporting System are introduced to the organization so they can test and make any adjustments to our platform to provide complete customer satisfaction before it is launched. Also, all users receive training according to the roles and permissions they will perform.

A date is set for Ethics Reporting System launch and its introduction within the organization begins. The EthicsGlobal team makes all necessary adjustments, additional users are configured and trained to be ready for the launching date.

The lenght of each phase varies it is generally short due to our solid internal processes and our ecosystem of online applications which are developed and maintained by our in-house software factory.