The premium whistleblower hotline provider
Tailor-made for each client

Integrated ethics and compliance service
investigation, training, awareness, research and resolutions

The most effective tool
for the timely detection of fraud

Promoting ethics and values
Through our Ethical Complaints System

The most successful organizations
foster a culture of prevention

We have over 19 years implementing whistleblower hotlines around the world.

We promote an ethics and compliance culture through whistleblower hotlines based on Integrity Programs, with an effective report management.

We Our team widens the vision of Compliance Programs to strengthen Corporate Governance according to best practices through an anonymous reporting system.

Why choose


Tailor-made solutions

We have developed highly customizable tools and operational models for our whistleblower hotline and other services, including report application form, apps, protocols, reporting channels, user structures, corporate branding, etc.

Unique Ecosystem of Services and Apps

Our in-house software factory is constantly updating and improving our client offering. Since 1999 we have been searching for technical solutions to our customer's problems.

Multiple Whistleblower

Organizations with multiple reporting channels increase system use by 35%. We offer 5 reporting channels as standard but can add more on request. All operated according to ISO 2700, NIST Cyber Security Framework and COBIT 5 practices.

Personalized Risk Assessment

Each report we process includes a personalized risk assessment to help assess your organization's ethical status. We provide a risk category and assets at risk, so that through our report manager you can determine any susceptibility.

Premium Support and Consulting

Our customer service and consulting is highly specialized and personalized to each client's needs in-line with best practices.

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