Solutions backed by structured evidence

Have complete oversight of investigation and keep events in separate files.

Your team will be able to carry out effective investigations like like a professional investigation firm.

Training all users in charge of reports is expensive and slow, our investigation tool guides users based on effective techniques in a simple way. Each user can reinforce their knowledge and skills through the E-Learning courses for Ethics and Compliance Investigations.

Users with access to these tools will be able to:

  • Follow an investigation flow designed specifically for their user role.

  • Evaluate cases establishing; cause, parties involved and settings.

  • Create investigation plans and oversee activities by assigning supervisors and tools.

  • Benefits obtained from the resolution of each case.

  • Interview oversight: topics, interviewer, interviewee, key questions.

  • Corrective measures after finishing an investigation.

  • Assign sanctions to a party involved party.

  • Evidence manager where findings, informants and files can be defined.