Our dynamic application covers the entire report timeline: receiving, evaluation, investigation, follow-up and resolution; reducing the overall response time. Due to user interface, you can handle large quantities of information and activities in compliance with international best practices, structured, simple and in an intuitive way. The tool adapts to any specific need that allows its users to to see, manage and act within their assigned role under strict security policies.

This powerful tool allows a user or group of users to respond to a great number of reports by having interactions between users, supervisors and informants, assignments, change report status and indicators that allow an organization to know its ethical health status.

Custom Questionnaires

Guides the informant the process step-by-step according to the selected options. Location/Site catalogs, type of report, parties involved, awareness campaign evaluation and all necessary information for the investigation.


Backoffice and public website available in the user's preferred language.

Report View

Super user friendly unique view for quick reading of reports handling a large number of incidents at once.

Report Segmentation

Can be segmented by user roles, department, company, geographical site, type of report or any combination of characteristics.

Report search and filtering

Search and filter reports by a range of dates, attention status, reception channel, classification, severity or key words.

Report resolution modules

Different types of resolutions, classification of corrective measures, private and public resolutions.

Sanction Module

Customization of sanction catalog and application of different types of sanctions to parties involved.

Investigation Flow

Each stage is personalized up to and including the report stage of the report as well as adding information to evert step of the flow. Here we can consult the report history too.

Users can file new reports

Tools to add new reports by users within the organization, classifying it directly.


All user actions are logged and facilitate the auditing of management processes and investigations of cases.

Anonymous conversations with informants

Users can interact anonymously with informants without compromising their anonymity.

Notification and alert module

Keep up with all relevant operations with alerts via email or push notifications for events or daily reports.

Report follow-up

Informants can follow-up on reports with their unique report number that gives them access to add information, mark further offenses, add evidence, ascertain publicly held conclusions and respond to investigator enquiries. The informant is alerted to each action by email or push notification on the app.

System Users Module

Unlimited creation of different level users according to: role assignment, view permissions or report management, access to specific system modules and tools, access to specific types of reports, business units or departments, any combination of characteristics that permit adaptability to your organizations work procedures.

Temporary investigator users

Module to create private and public investigators that have access to specific cases, permissions and custom investigations flows when an investigation needs external help.

Communication and messages between users

The communication system between user groups is assigned to a case where all interactions are recorded and stored for posterity.

Analytics, graphs and report downloads

Real time advanced searches by using dynamic filters, most frequently filed reports, general and specific indicators.

Secure access control

Corporate user management policies in-line with governance frameworks such as COBIT 5 that protect physical and logical security. They are important for information security, mitigating the risk of social engineering that can effect user access security.

User interface and experience

An experience that eliminates the learning curve for the application with fantastic usability, usefulness, interactive design, ergonomics, performance and accessibility, allowing users to carry out complex activities in an intuitive way.


Client logo and color scheme may be used in backoffice tools on request (depending on service level purchased).

Software Multitenancy

Each organization's information is isolated and stored in different data bases with important separate security controls.


Connect your current apps such as governance tools, risk and compliance management (SAP, BSI, among others).

Adaptive Interface

Access the application through any device as a WebApp.

Custom Plug-ins

Our software factory can create solutions and plug-ins specically for each client (depending on level of service) and extend the platform's base functionality.