Having several reporting channels increases the number of cases received by 35%.

By implementing several channels in whistleblower hotlines, the likelihood of detecting workplace harassment or a conflict of interests is increased. The confidence and the approach of the organizations with their collaborators is encouraged and a greater amount of unethical behavior is detected.

Telephone + IVR

Telephone + IVR

Free 800 national or international personalized or vanity numbers are available in over 115 countries. IVR with generic or custom menu recorded by voice professionals give the option of speaking directly with an EthicsGlobal adviser that will follow each organization's protocol and custom questionnaire to generate a new report, add additional information or report a further offense. It can also be used to follow-up on or generate a new report through the smart invoice system anonymously.

Web Assistant and Mobile website

Web Assistant and Mobile website

Dynamic web questionnaire, visible on all devices. Takes the informant through the reporting process step-by-step. It can be customized with a site catalog, type of report/offense, parties involved, dates, facts, attach evidence, awareness campaign evaluation, and all necessary information needed for a proper investigation.



Via the organization'ss ethics website, informants can file a report with the help of an EthicsGlobal adviser, following the customized protocols. This channel allows more security for timid or scared informants who have the option to send evidence, receive the conversation through email and even rate the service.

Mobile App

Mobile App

The mobile application is available for iOS and Android with the customized questionnaire, follow-up functionality, alerts and notifications for updates on report status, messages with investigators, ability to upload evidence in real time using the camera, microphone and GPS.



This channel is available through a custom email for your organization even though its use is actually not recommended due to a combination of lack of best practice and potential for insecurity.

Custom channels

Custom channels

Custom channels can be created on request to file reports according to the organization's specific needs, e.g., channels previously implemented include: WhatsApp, SMS, Skype, etc.

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