According to the needs you have, we have different service plans that start from the basic whistleblower hotline, to an Ethics Reporting System that promotes good corporate governance.   







Reporting Channels

Characteristics Basic Virtual Classic/S.M.E. Corporate Sed premium
General use phone number

Unique EthicsGlobal phone number.

Custom telephone number

With optional 800-(CUSTOM NAME) vanity number.

Voicemail, General IVR (Interactive Voice Respond)
With options to talk directly to an advisor to file a new report or add additional information, know more about the system, follow-up on reports and file a report through smart-voicemail.
Voicemail, Customized IVR (Interactive Voice Respond)

Personalized to client's needs and recorded by professional voice artist.

Web Assistant and Mobile Web

Dynamic web questionnaire adapted 100% to client requirements which guides the reporter according to their chosen options, custom site catalog, type of report, parties involved, with an anonymity option, dates, facts, attach evidence, awareness campaign evaluation and all necessary information for an investigation.


Reporting via a custom email address.


Live chat system through the public website, reporters are taken through the report step-by-step by our advisors using various tools to assist them filing their report e.g: sending files, receiving conversation via email, rating the service, etc.

Mobile App for IOS / Android

Which containing all the necessary information for awareness campaign, ability to file reports, follow-up on reports, notify status changes for a report, report resolutions, messaging and sending evidence in real time using camera, microphone and smartphone GPS.

Custom Reporting Channel

According to the client's needs and local culture, for example: Whatsapp, SMS, Skype.

Ethics Reporting System Operation Protocol

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Report Advisors

Advisors with an average of five years' experience**, trained in interrogation techniques, forensic investigation, lie detection, crisis management, objections and risk management to receive reports. Trained in each of our client's corporate structures to help achieve a smooth and efficient investigation process.

Reporting Protocol

EthicsGlobal's methodology and dynamic questionnaire based on Best Practices with the option to customize: types of reports, coporate structure, labels/tags, additional questions, etc.

Custom Protocol
100% custom and based on specific instructions from the organization, may work with an information channel.
Report Review

Severity, origin, correct classification, compromised anonymity, similar cases, verification of investigators independence and non-involvement, lie detection, willful misconduct, false information, advisor commentary and report follow- up.

Double check of reports

An EthicsGlobal Ethics Officer, specialized in forensic investigations, will review any report received a second time and will decide if the organization must be alerted to a new sensitive or severe case.

Report Risk Assessment

2 evaluations will be added as a basic consultation for risk assessment (category/type, asset at risk, threat and vulnerability in accordance with ISO 31000.

Reporter Follow-ups

Allows reporter to follow-up on their report with a report number through any of the reporting channels and view the following: report status, further offenses, more information, evidence, see public resolutions and respond anonymously to any questions from the investigator. The reporter is alerted through email or push notifications on the mobile app.

Notification system for users

Notification through email for related report events, e.g., change in status, conclusions, inadmissibility, requests for additional information and messages during the investigation.

Secure communication between reporter and user

Allows system users to interact anonymously with informants/reporters and file/save interactions.

Secure Access Control

Secure Access controls with user management in accordance with governance and auditing frameworks like COBIT 5 for physical and logical security.

Service Extension

For strategic customers and suppliers, ex-employees and interested parties.

Private information laws and regulations

Compliance with private information laws and regulations at a national and international level, e.g.,: Sabanes-Oxley Act [USA], False Claims Act [USA], Dodd-Frank Act [USA], Clauses for EU, FERPA, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, IRS 1075, ITAR, My Number Law [Japan], DPA United Kingdom – 1988, VPAT/Section 508, EU Data Protection Policies, Privacy Law [Australia], Privacy Law [New Zealand], PDPA – 2010 [Malaysia], PDPA – 2012 [Singapore], PIPEDA [Canada], Spanish Protection Law and others.

Incident Management Tools

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User Friendly System

Intuitive, easy to use system as well as interactive help for every tool.

Report Manager

Manage and control reports based on Best Practices.

User system
Unlimited users and custom roles allows the creation and design of a system of permissions to delegate responsibilites and access information.
Advanced user management system

Manage users with custom permissions and access segmentation by department, type of report, origin or according to the information provided in the questionnaire. Allowing for thousands of combinations that better adapt to each organization.

Temporary Users

Permanent users can delegate tasks by creating investigator profiles with global or private access that can view specific cases with specific roles and custom investigation flows.

Notification system for users

Notifications by email for users about new reports, updates by reporters or investigators, changes, tasks and updates to reports to which the user has permission according to their role, notifications for each event or as a daily summary.

Investigation flows for reports

Establishes a series of steps that allow monitoring, follow-up, processing of reports while trying to set a framework for an investigation.

Custom investigation flows

Establishes a framework for investigations for each specific role, delegating responsibilities to user groups.

Sanction system

Custom catalog of different types of sanctions and application of one or several sanctions to the parties-involved, with the goal of having a consistent consequence (matrix) according to Code of Ethics along with system criteria.

Report statistics and analytics

Analytics tool that allows segmentation/filtering by date, labels for example: department or type of report, among others to generate dynamic graphs and download to Excel.

Excecutive Reports

Filter the information on reports that you wish to export with a personalized design for presentations or executive briefings (reports).


Design and operation of the platform's infrastructure with high availability, global redundancy, information recovery in case of any failure with certifications like: C5, Cyber Essentials Plus, DoD SRG, FedRAMP, FIPS, IRAP, ISO 9001, 27001, 27017, 27018 MTCS, PCI DSS Level 1, Norm SEC 17-a-4(f), SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3

Information security

Compliance with ISO27001, and othe practices that protect your information like NIST and COBIT 5. All information is encrypted while transmitted and stored.

Software Factory

We have our own team to develop, monitor and specialized tech support.

Selective Alert System

Alerts are programmed based on business rules assigned to specific types of users that can be alerted to specific events by call or text message, for example reports with irregularities, very severe cases, etc.

Advanced tools for investigations

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Comprehensive Investigation System

Comprehensive investigation system with a methodology based on Best Practices; Work flow, evidence control, interview system, etc.

Interview Tool

Assistant for creating and storing interviews with witnesses, victims, culprits and their involvement in the report.

Evidence Control Tool
Control and storage of evidence by informants and investigators with: assistant, classification, relevance, evaluation.
Investigation Plan

Creation of a work flow for the investigation: case evaluation, scenario and causes, links between evidence and interviews, commentary, custom selection of investigation phases.

Support, Ethics, Prevention, Awareness and Training

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Documentation for Best Practices Ethics and Compliance

Delivery of documentation for Best Practices and information on: recommended policies for a Code of Ethics, creating an Ethics Committee, Ethics Committe Bylaws and member profile, Ethics Officer's role, employee sanctions, difference between a Code of Ethics and internal regulations, private information regulation, report investigation processes, Best Practices operating an Ethics Hotline.

Personalized Code of Ethics

Development and design of your organizations Code of Ethics.

Basic awareness campaign for Whisteblower Hotline

Basic awareness campaign with suggested content and the client's corporate image to print brochures, flyers, posters, cards, e-mailing for the Whisteblower Hotline awareness campaign. Weekly bulletin about specific topics to assist the campaign.

Custom awareness campaign for Ethics Hotline

Design of awareness campaign: creative concept, material and custom content.

Continuous awareness campaign for Ethics Hotline (every 15 days)

Design and delivery to all organization members of newsletter with specific topics to help the awareness campaign, use of the ethics hotline and increase knowledge and awareness of the importance of ethics in an organization.

Basic public website for Ethics Hotline

A website for the ethics hotline awareness campaign, with subdomain:, with objectives of your ethics reporting system, reporting procedures, links to other reporting channels, report follow-up and adaptable to all devices with suggested content custom designed for each client.

Advanced public website for Ethics Hotline

Design, development, structure and custom domain name for the client's public website.

Remote training for users and system presentation

User manual, remote training for users and material for the launch/presentation of the Ethics Hotline in video and infographic.

Face-to-face training for users and system presentation

User manual, face-to-face training and launch/presentation for the Ethics Hotline.

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Dedicated tech support

Support for all components of the Ethics Reporting System with the promise of timely assistance, experience and the highest level of customer service.

Personal Account Executive

An account executive assigned to manage and monitor system operations.

Ethics E-Learning

E-Learning system with a variety of modules, videos, infographic presentations, evaluations per moduleo or in general, directed at all organization members:

  • Use of Ethics Hotline
  • Identifying Unethical Behaviors
Additional E-Learning Courses
  • Work Ethics
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Incident Investigation
Online Training

Custom design and development of online training for a client Code of Ethics or any other topic of interest with the client's branding.

Languages and Countries

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Includes a free national or local phone number in compliance with local laws and regulations (coverage in 120 countries)

1 1 5 10
Languages with live advisor

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese for: telephone, chat, whatsapp, SMS and custom reporting channel

1 1 3 3
Platform language

Public website, web assistant, mobile website, Android/IOS App, report management platform, investigation manager (150 languages available)

3 3 3 5 10
Telephone interpreter service

Available in 150 languages with conection time of aproximately 60 seconds

Exclusive native speaking advisor

Local working hours in relevant country (subject to availability)

Incident Resolution Service

Caracteristicas Sed Virtual Sed Virtual Sed Pyme Sed Empresarial Sed premium
Machine Learning

On request, experts in investigation use machine learning algorithms and data mining to anticipate actions, acting as a predictive service for future cases taking into account information from more than 300,000 reports, offering invaluable benefits for decision making during investigations or report resolutions.

Specialized Legal Consulting

Specialized legal consulting for reports covering: Protocol and investigation flow with legal purposes, legal technical opinion, criminal liability, field investigation to gather legal evidence, preparation, presentation, ratification of evidence and follow-up to legal reports until resolution or end of trial.