We personally create, operate, and continue developing the applications of our platform firsthand.

In our software factory we create, operate and evolve every application of our platform. For that reason, the whistleblower hotline software that we offer, includes the evolution of ethics hotlines.

Services for EthicsGlobal applications:

  • Design and maintenance of the platform's infrastructure, maintaining a high redundancy, total coverage and recovery of information due to any possible disasters.
  • Routine penetration tests and constant development of security measures.
  • Immediate solution to potential incidents or system failures. Real-time monitoring of the system.
  • Platform customization according to each organization's specific requirements.
  • Investigation, design, programming and constant testing of new tools for continuous system improvements.
  • Premium Service:

    • We develop tailor-made tools for clients on a Premium Service Plan adapting to any requirement necessary.
    • Partial or complete modification to an application's operation as requested by each client and its needs.
    • Integration of the Premium Ethics Reporting System with third-party systems, e.g., Crystal Reports de Oracle, Power BI de Microsoft, SAP, Etc.
    • Installation of data models for the Ethics Reporting System in the infrastructure of the organization.
    • Advanced data mining to generate complex reports and requested indicators.
    • Wholesale changes to information structure according to needs of the client.